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Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world and in place where millions of people every day are looking for physical and digital products. At Amazon, instead of positioning a website or application, the same Amazon product pages are positioned (in this sense it is very similar to SEO for Youtube). One of the great advantages of SEO on Amazon is that users have a greater intention to purchase, and are generally looking for the product they need to acquire it right away. This is an interesting opportunity for small and large companies to improve their sales.


Possibilities to increase your income with SEO in Amazon

For a novel writer, for example, SEO on Amazon allows you to be in good positions for categories such as “best suspense novel” or “romantic novels”. The same applies to appear as related product when a person performs a search. In fact, many users around the world use Amazon directly instead of Google to find the product they are looking for, since they know they will make the purchase directly on that platform. In addition, with the rise of international shipments free or low cost, many are buying products that are not available in their countries or have very high prices.

In Amazon, SEO works with a logic different from the one we are accustomed to in Google: While the content of the product listing is important in all cases, incoming links to the product page on Amazon are not considered relevant. The internal signals that Amazon uses to determine which product is best suited to display to the user are different.

AMAZON Online Purchases

Differences between SEO for Amazon and Google

Google is a general purpose search engine, and although it does a good job trying to determine what type of search the user is performing, it does not always deliver the optimal results. In fact, Google determined that there are three basic types of searches (information, navigation and purchase), while all the searches that people make on Amazon correspond to the third type: With a much more direct approach to the purchase than to Look for generic information. This does not mean that Google is better or worse than Amazon, but they have different goals.

For this reason, Amazon uses different factors to position, which include information that Google does not have, or only incompletely, such as purchase history, number of transactions, profit generated by each sale and possibility of purchase of each user, among others. In addition, all Amazon products have a complete description sheet, which makes it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for and thus increase their buying possibilities.

To be successful on Amazon it is important to appear in as many searches as possible that users perform. This can be achieved with really complete product listings, including colors, sizes, models, brands, descriptions, etc. It is also necessary to modify or optimize other factors, such as user comments, the number of stars and answer the questions asked by users. Do not forget that they are people who intend to buy, at least a large part, so the chances of realizing a sale are very high. That your product is in the top spots of Amazon for certain searches not only means getting more clicks, but a greater number of real sales in a short time. That is why, although Amazon is not as widely used in the world as Google – and depends on each country – the possibilities of improving commercial results are very specific and should not be overlooked.

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