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What personal information should I bring?

When requesting our service, you will be asked to fill out a registration form. To complete it successfully, you need to enter your name along with payment details and your current email. Anyway, you can view the information posted on our website without registering.

Why do we need your personal information?
There are two main reasons why we do with your personal information.
-First, We need the information required to process your transaction. We do not sell or share your private or public information with other companies without your permission. All information collected is necessary to complete your request and send you your purchase.
-Second, We aim to improve our service by sending regular updates on the processed request. We use your email address to periodically send newsletters containing important updates, special offers and details concerning your request and notification of its completion.

How your information is portege?
There are a range of security measures implemented to protect any sensitive information. Use our security service is the first step to success. All details are transferred via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and encrypted in our database payment. Only authorized persons with certain rights have access to this particular system. They were asked to keep all information they work under strict confidentiality. When the transaction is completed, we do not store your private information, including social security numbers, numbers of credit cards, etc. on our servers.

Do we use cookies for browsers?
Yes it is. (Cookies browser, or just cookies, are small pieces of information sent from a page through a web browser to the hard drive of your computer, if you allow it. Cookies make your browser recognizes the page web and remember certain information). The reason why we use cookies is to help us identify your requests and process them.

Is there any chance that your personal information is disclosed to third parties?
We guarantee that the information obtained is not redeemed or sold or transferred in some way to others. However, some of your personal information may be available to our trusted assistants who help us in nustros business operate on our website and help you in the best way possible. All our partners keep their information under confidentiality. Some information may be disclosed if we believe that disclosure is necessary. This can happen when we need to strengthen our rules to protect the rights of our customers and our company. In some cases, third parties can access information from a customer not identified for commercial purposes or other uses.

According to the record 1998 to protect online privacy of children
We comply with the Act of 1998 to protect online privacy of children (COPPA), which means that we do not obtain any personal information from visitors under 13 years. Our site and services are focused on clients over 13 years.

Privacy Policy exclusively online
This privacy policy can be applied to information received through online sources, never other sources.

Customer Agreement
By using our website you agree with our privacy policy online.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
If we change our privacy policy, we will ensure hang all changes to this website and change the date of change of the Privacy Policy below.
Modify this policy 01/20/2014

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