Terms Of Service

Terms and Conditions
People can use services offered by socialviralize subject to the following terms. To you registered for / using these services you agree to have read and fully identify with the terms of this contract subsequent service.

1. General

This happens to be the last contract of terms of service on or after November 5, 2014.Those who do not want to accept all the terms of service for the website  should not be recorded or agree to this contract.Any change modify and replace all previously reached agreements.

2. service

socialviralize will make use of promotional functions for your photos and Instagram account.

socialviralize no guarantee that his later followers might be interacting with ups you do later; Basically we guarantee to get your followers to finance and interact throughout the process. All events increases will then be taken into account.

You will not upload something on socialviralize and this includes nudity or all materials that are not accepted by the community or appropriate for Instagram.

3. PayPal

In acquiring our services, you agree to clearly identify and agree what we are buying and not going to file false dispute using PayPal.

A fake attempt was made in the presentation of a conflict, has given us the authority, if necessary, to re-refine their tastes and followers, Cesar your account or put a permanent ban on your IP address.

4. registration

Register / accepting this contract, you agree that you are aged at least 13 years.

5. Copyright

No way will make a copy of any programming, images, text and / or made use of the website Socialviralize without obtaining the written consent of a representative of Socialviralize.

6. Instagram

You’re just going to use the website so socialviralize governed by all contracts have been made with Instagram that are there on your page to have their terms of service.

7. liabilities

In no way legally responsible for any postponement or retirement account Instagram IGboost image.

8. disclaimer

socialviralize will not be responsible for any damage you / your business could be on the receiving end. Socialviralize makes no warranty of any kind, declared or meant for the services we provide. Given the fact that Socialviralize makes use of the internet / web in the provision of services that we can not guarantee time / accessibility of our website.

9. modification of the terms

The terms of this service varies each time. Notes on the change will be thought of having and will be valid on the given day on our website. The changes will be applicable on the day you placed on our website in which. No need for additional notification to be issued by Socialviralize constant use of our web / software site.

Money back policy

It is a key objective of ours to meet all the needs of our customers. So we offer back guarantee hundred percent of the money within 30 days for results, not being up to your expectations.

Privacy Policy

This is a policy that covers how to use your individual information. We are very serious about your privacy and take all measures to take care of your private information.

Any private information received only going to use to fill your order. It will not sell redistribute the information provided by you to anyone.

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